– **Project**: Cagnola Hub

  – **Date**: June, 2024

  – **Location**: Cagnola, Milan

  – **Goal**: Enrich the neighborhood with cultural activities and coworking space.


– **Approach**:

  – Emphasized proactive, dynamic engagement within the community.

  – Hosted a “Lets Talk” event to share vision and mission, focusing on integrating new technologies into a unified user experience, referred to as the metaverse.

  – Surprised by high public engagement and participation.


– **Activities**:

  – Participated in two events with augmented reality (AR) activities:

    – **First Event**: Introduced an AR game “Over the Reality” featuring avatars and a game that blended educationally with the event’s physical location. Notable for participant interaction and social media reach.

    – **Second Event**: Expanded to include other local associations through AR avatars and 3D animated logos, highlighting community involvement and special interest from local alpini (mountain troops).


– **Collaborations**:

  – Partnered with Foto Raccordi to integrate historical photographs into AR experiences, enhancing cultural and historical engagement.


– **Impact**:

  – Demonstrated that digital innovation and cultural growth can be led by those with an interested and responsible approach to new technologies, not just digital natives.

  – Introduced gamification and navigational features not previously integrated.


– **User Experience Instructions**:

  1. **Download**: “Over the Reality” app.
  2. **Access**: Follow a specific link or QR code on a smartphone, continue as a guest, and opt for remote experience visitation.
  3. **Engagement**: Scan the floor until activation, look for the entrance marked “ENTER”, find an association near the door, and use features for creating videos/photos.
  4. **Map Access**: Alternatively, find the experience on a map at Via Pacinotti under “LIVE” for “CAGNOLA IN FESTA”, then proceed as above.
  5. **Content Creation**: The app allows taking and sharing photos or videos, enhancing visibility across diverse environments.



– **Project**: AR Menus for Milan Restaurants

  – **Date**: March 14, 2024

  – **Organizer**: Metagate

  – **Objective**: Transform restaurant menus in Milan and surrounding areas into engaging visual experiences using augmented reality (AR).


– **Implementation**:

  – **Selection**: 10 locations will be chosen.

  – **Customization**: Each selected restaurant will receive a customized AR menu experience.

  – **Technology**: Customers will access menu presentations and descriptions via smartphones, with future plans to integrate experiences with Apple Vision PRO and Meta Quest3.

  – **Example**: Demonstrated with a “giro pizza” AR menu for LUX Gourmet Social Club on the AR platform Over the Reality.


– **Participation**:

  – **Application**: Through a submission form.

  – **Requirements**: Selected locations must provide an updated menu (.pdf) and a vector logo (.svg).

  – **Cost**: Locations cover the land purchase cost on Over the Reality, ranging from 10 to 100€.


– **Benefits**:

  – **Visibility**: Attracts new customers through a visual and interactive experience.

  – **Marketing**: Differentiates from competitors with a unique menu exploration method.

  – **Engagement**: Provides a memorable customer experience.

  – **Development Cost**: Zero, leveraging the opportunity to develop an AR experience.


– **Selection Criteria**:

  1. Presence of a dedicated contact and IT/Web3 enthusiast staff.
  2. Location’s interest in promoting the AR experience.
  3. Location’s standing.


– **Additional Information**:

  – The call remains open until all 10 slots are filled.

  – Development of individual projects may begin even while the call is still open.

  – Opportunity highlighted as pioneering in the digital dining era.


– **Project**: Evolution Through Geological Eras – AR Edutainment

  – **Date**: March 12, 2024

  – **Organizer**: Metagate

  – **Objective**: To create an augmented reality (AR) installation that allows users to experience different geological eras and their distinct life forms, from dinosaurs to mammoths, in their current environment.


– **Features**:

  – **Accessibility**: Available through any smartphone via the “Over the Reality” app.

  – **Interactivity**: Users can select different geological eras to see era-specific creatures like T-rexes appear in their surroundings, whether at home, on the street, or in the office.

  – **Educational Purpose**: Aims to enhance learning for primary school children by making prehistoric life forms accessible and observable beyond textbooks, using AR technology to stimulate interest and learning.


– **User Experience**:

  – **Engagement**: The experience is designed to be engaging and educational, making it suitable for school use.

  – **Future Access**: Plans to make the experience accessible through AR headsets, such as Meta Quest3, similar to other Metagate experiences.


– **Special Mention**:

  – **Creation**: Developed specifically for AR KID at Sxsw.

  – **Location**: Geolocated in Austin, Texas, certified by a dedicated POAP NFT.

  – **Collaborators**: Thanks to Hexidized and Ardoda for their partnership in the project.


– **Event**: AR-NFT Fest Lugano

  – **Date**: June 2023

  – **Location**: Lugano

  – **Objective**: Celebrate the Bored Apes NFT community and the city of Lugano with an AR game.


– **Game Features**:

  – **Concept**: A fun experience paying homage to the Bored Apes community and Lugano’s lake.

  – **Icon**: Used an image of a Mutant Ape (by Michele Zanello) riding a jet ski and throwing bananas.

  – **Interaction**: Bananas explode into many when clicked, adding a fun element that became especially popular among children.


– **Learnings**:

  – **Testing Importance**: Emphasized the value of trying and testing to understand what truly works.

  – **Generational Usage Gap**: First AR experience on OVER highlighting clear differences in usage and appreciation across age groups.

  – **User Preferences**:

    – Young Audience: Prioritizes dynamic interaction over graphics.

    – Older Audience: Prefers graphics and animations, with less emphasis on interactive dynamics.


– **Conclusion**:

  – **Insight**: The experience provided key insights into designing AR content tailored to different age groups, highlighting the importance of engagement mechanics for younger users and visual appeal for older ones.

  – **Impact**: Marked as a significant learning experience from participating in a major event like the NFT Fest in Lugano.