This year, for Christmas, Metagate is offering to upload its own Christmas AR-experience

to anyone who makes one or more of its lands available around the world!!  

The experience will feature an interactable Santa Claus and a Dragon of light.

Fill out the FORM to participate! 


a) make advanced experience on their lands available to all OVR-Lands Owners

b) allow all OVR-Lands owners to be the best ambassadors possible at Christmas

Version updated with bug fixing on 04.01.2024



Until December 22nd we have received

39 OVR-lands

from the community from all over the world, where we loaded the AR experience.

We believe it is an incredible result also considering that it was the first time that an initiative of this type was proposed and sharing codes between strangers is never something simple!

At this point perhaps more initiatives of this type are needed!!



If you want to help us continue to create value for the community, support us:
1. buying one of our Santa Claus wearable HERE on Over the Reality
2. become our sponsor filling the FORM or write to




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